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WHEATBAGS Wheatbag Banksia 1

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In the world of pain relief, there’s a simple and natural solution that’s both effective and versatile: the warm wheat bag. As the heat seeps into sore muscles, think of those tense shoulders or aching necks, it encourages increased blood flow to the affected area. This, in turn, allows the muscle fibres to relax and unknot, easing the pain.

But it’s not just about relief from pain. Wheat bags are also a popular choice for staying warm during those chilly winter months. Their ability to conform to any area of the body makes them comfortable to hold or even hug, much more so than a hot water bottle. So whether you’re warming up on the couch, keeping your frosty feet cozy, or prepping for bed, a warm wheat bag is a perfect companion.


Made from 100% cotton, Australian wheat, organic Lavender, or Clove.

Lavender is very calming and good for de-stressing overstimulated nervous systems. Can also aid with sleep.

Or choose Clove for a lovely warming scent that will remind you of Chai, Christmas, and all things nice.

Unscented is also available if you prefer to keep things simple!

Australian Made

Where to Use

  • Sore shoulders
  • Tight necks
  • Period cramps
  • Lower backs
  • Aching knees
  • Sport-induced soreness or tightness in hamstrings, quads, or glutes
  • Stomach pain
  • Wrist and Ankle sprains (generally best to use cold but depends on the nature of the injury)

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