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VESUVIO Estro Clear Detox Blend 200g

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The Vesuvio Estro Clear Detox Blend is an all-natural solution that promotes a healthy hormonal balance, detoxifying harmful xenoestrogens in your body.

Xenoestrogens are estrogens that are not naturally produced by the body but are found in the environment, water, food, and other products. These external hormones, when consumed, disrupt our endocrine system’s ability to excrete estrogen. This then leads to estrogen dominance, which is linked to various diseases such as cancer, infertility, and other reproductive health problems.

100% proven safe and effective, it’s formulated with carefully selected organic ingredients backed by data-driven research by esteemed scientists and doctors worldwide. It is used to help flush down excess estrogen from the body, promoting and maintaining a normal estrogen balance from within.

Stop making your red days harder than it already is. The Estro Clear Detox Blend reduces painful PMS traits such as cramps, irritability, and tender breasts. Say goodbye to menopause prodromes such as hot flashes and mood swings! Not to mention, this product helps trim down weight around the hips, waist, and thighs, giving you a healthier shape you can definitely be proud of.

Who said that this Detox Blend is for ladies only? Excess estrogen causes muscle loss and gynecomastia in men, making it harder to achieve a toned, fit body. Nobody wants to make their weekly gym sessions wasted by man boobs.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t let a surplus of estrogen levels dictate your lifestyle. With a healthy body from within, you can start living life to the fullest.  

Note best results have been seen when used consistently for three consecutive months.  


Raspberry leaf

Is a supreme reproductive protector and overall hormonal balancer which has been shown to support the entire endocrine system by altering estrogen metabolism, A study from the University of Louisville also claims that Raspberry Leaf may help reduce the risk of hormonal cancers caused by 17 beta-estradiol.

Dong Quai

Is an amazing hormone regulator due to its ability to reduce estrogen levels if they are too high or increase if they are too low. Dong Quai is often used in Chinese Medicine as a natural infertility treatment.


Contains a compound called sulforaphane, which has been shown to inhibit breast cancer stem cells and prevent new tumours forming. Other studies have shown that broccoli works well for a phase 2 detoxification in the liver due to a compound called glucosinolates. This helps to filter estrogen metabolites from your body.


Has amazing hormone balancing effect by helping to detoxify estrogens in the liver. Studies show rosemary is great to use for women with heavy periods, bad PMS, fibroids, fibrocystic breasts, endometriosis, and hot flushes. A study on Oncology Reports showed that rosemary also worked well in slowing the spread of breast carcinoma cells.


Have a positive impact on hormonal balance because they are a good source of phytoestrogens and selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMS) which block the entry of “dirty/bad” estrogens into the cell. By taking up the receptor space it helps to stop more problematic estrogen from entering so it addresses estrogen dominance by decreasing the estrogen effect and in turn bring hormones into balance.

Milk Thistle

Is an important ingredient in our blend to support the liver. Over time the liver can become overloaded from excess estrogen that is constantly circulating in your body, rendering it unable to filter out harmful estrogen metabolites. If the liver is functioning at an optimal level the liver can easily excrete the excess estrogen.

Diindolylmethane (DIM)

Works very well with helping to adjust the levels of the estrogen hormone in the body. It supports healthy estrogen levels lowering the risk of certain hormonal cancers and diseases that are linked to estrogen. Has also been shown to drastically reduce fibroids and fibrocystic breasts.


Start with 1 teaspoon (4g) and gradually build up to 1 tablespoon (8g) of the Estro Clear Detox Blend mixed into 200ml water or your favourite juice or smoothie.
But remember, consistency is key to seeing the results you need. Anyone can sip a smoothie every now and then, but to make a difference you need to be ready to put in the work!

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