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Teaology Oval Spring Tea Infuser

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Is there plastic in your teabags?

You can’t be sure. Many companies are switching to a bio-plastic from oil-based plastic, however most teabags are coated to avoid coming apart in hot water. Are those compounds leaching into your tea?

It’s hard to know. But to be sure, you can avoid the bag and waste altogether and switch to loose leaf tea with this easy-to-use spring tea infuser!

Simply squeeze the handle to open this tea Infuser and fill with your favourite loose leaf tea or blend. Dunk it in your cup of hot water to let it infuse in your cup for the desired time. Five minutes is generally considered optimal.

Stir your cup and pop the leaves in the compost bin. Easy to rinse and clean.


  • Stainless Steel
  • Easy open and close
  • Easy handwash
  • Long handle

Care: Hand wash recommended