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PBCo.Plant Protein Banana Bread

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Size: 340 gm


One serve of our Protein Banana Bread has 11g of protein, and has 77% less carbs than traditional banana bread!#

You can still enjoy that delicious taste and aroma of warm banana bread with melted butter and a coffee or tea – even if you’re watching your sugar and carbs.

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✅ High Protein
✅ 77% Less Carbs#
✅ No Added Sugar
✅ Gluten Free

Macros perProtein 11g  •  Fat 12g  •  Carbs 7g

PLEASE NOTE This product contains xylitol which is toxic to dogs, so keep it away from your furry friends.

Quality Natural Ingredients

Lupin flour, almond meal, natural sweetener (xylitol, stevia (steviol glycosides)), rice protein, kibbled sunflower, coconut, egg white powder, raising agents (glucono delta-lactone, sodium bicarbonate, calcium phosphate), vanilla bean powder, mixed spices, natural banana flavour, salt.

CONTAINS LUPIN, ALMOND AND EGG. May contain milk and sesame.