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  • Add Irish Moss to smoothies and broths as a cleansing, nourishing supplement. Used as a plant-based gelling agent.  Also used as an egg replacement.
  • The natural colour of Irish Moss is a deep crimson colour. When it is ‘blonde’ this indicates it has been dried outdoors and has become sun bleached. Our latest batch of Irish Moss has been dried in doors so we are better able to manage quality and therefore is a deep red colour.


  • Simmer to make a broth or rehydrate and leave to form a gel which will keep for weeks in the fridge.
  • Use the gel to set raw desserts, give texture and added nutrients to smoothies and jams. Apply gel directly to skin to moisturize or soothe as an ingredient in home-made cosmetics.
  • Traditionally used to provide nourishment in times of need, this red seaweed is organically harvested, air dried to preserve nutrients and tested for contaminants.
  • Ingredients:  Irish Moss (Chondrus crispus) dried sea vegetable 100%.
  • 240 servings per pack.