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MOOGOO Milk Wash

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Size: 1 l

Our Milk Wash is one of our most popular products. We combine small amounts of 5 different natural cleaners as this can be gentler on skin than one concentrated cleanser. We chose natural cleansers that wash well without drying out the skin. The foaming action isn’t quite as intense as it would if we used a synthetic detergent like SLS (or other common culprits that end in –fate), but we’re happy to make this small trade-off to use more natural ingredients that are healthier for us and the environment. Ever think about what happens to your wash products after they go down the drain? Synthetic ingredients don’t break down into their natural components easily in the water system as natural ones do.

We also use a mix of natural skin conditioning ingredients. We don't use any essential oils that can also trigger reactions, but instead, a blend of Vanilla with the allergy-triggering compounds removed. Because it’s so gentle it’s also a no-tears formulation in children's eyes. If you are a car mechanic, you may need something a bit stronger, but if you wish to stay clean without stripping the skin of oils, we think this formula is the bee’s knees. Suitable for all ages, body part and skin types.

Note: To keep reducing our plastic use, we now have our 1L size available for purchases without a pump top. This is intended to be used with the pump top from your last 1L purchase so you can save some plastic and some a bit of MOO-lah. You just need to keep the pump from your last bottle to put onto the new bottle when you receive it. Check out our Bulk Sizes category to find our Milk Wash 1L with Cap. Also, our 5L size now comes with a screw-top lid instead of a pump. We suggest that you reuse a pump from a past purchase or you can pour the product to refill other containers. If you don’t have a pump yes, you can buy one here