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MOOGOO Full Cream Moisturiser

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$11.00 - $24.00
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Size: 120 gm

  • A rich, creamy cream to quench dry skin’s thirst

  • Made with natural oils like Sweet Almond, Coconut & Olive Oil

  • Full of natural healthy ingredients like Aloe Vera, Allantoin and Honey

  • Milk Protein increases skin elasticity by up to 20%

  • For everyone and everywhere. Use on face & body, all ages and skin types

  • Naturally preserved with Hops Extract – free of Parabens and Phenoxyethanol

We made this cream as a follow up to the first MooGoo cream ever made – Our Skin Milk Udder Cream because we wanted to develop something with a little more hydration action; a creamier cream per say, for the drier types.

We made this delicious moisturiser full of natural oils that are high in the types of fatty acids that healthy skin needs. These help to hydrate, moisturise and pamper dry skin. We also chucked in some Milk Protein to help increase skin elasticity which keeps skin looking young, supple and s-MOO-th, and everyone loves that. The combination of Apple Cider Vinegar, as well as natural pear and vanilla fragrance, gives this cream a delightful smell. This cream is for absolutely everyone, including babies, and those with sensitive skin so rub it on whenever and wherever your skin could use a little love.

Last year my friend brought a bottle of your Full Cream with her to visit for my birthday and it was the first time that something didn't make my skin react, amazing! Thank you so much – Megan

- I use your Full Cream moisturiser, it’s affordable and I will be eternally grateful that it is one light through all the darkness in my skin conditions! – Samantha

- Winter is the hardest month on my skin, my skin has never felt softer since using the Full Cream moisturiser - Elise