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Kfibre Pro Dietary Constipation Support Natural Orange 160g

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KfibrePro Dietary Constipation Support is a scientifically & IBS dietitian formulated prebiotic & probiotic blend to help assist bowel regularity and ease dietary cause constipation.
When used as a daily maintenance support, KfibrePro promotes microbiome changes that support normalisation of gut health function & regularity.


KfibrePro Dietary Constipation Support:

  • Formulated to support normalisation of dietary cause indigestion, bloating and gas
  • Designed by Kfibre gut health scientists & expert IBS dietitian Joanna Baker (APD | RN)
  • Digestive power from clinically demonstrated prebiotics and a clinically proven probiotic, and the known benefits of ginger
  • Healthy convenient & a great tasting flavour
  • Monash Low FODMAP certified & Gluten-free


  • Eases dietary cause constipation
  • Supports regular bowel movements
  • Supports maintenance of digestive health
  • Promotes regularity


Active Natural ingredients:
Kfibre® – Virgin sugarcane prebiotic to assist with bowel regularity, healthy bowel function and digestive health
Actazin® – whole green kiwifruit powder to support normal bowel function by promoting bowel regularity

Lactospore® – Bacillus coagulans 1 billion CFU, for relief of symptoms associated with dietary cause constipation and help support bowel regularity
Kfibre is a registered Trademark of Health Food Symmetry in Australia.

Actazin is a registered Trademark of Anagenix Ltd & Lactospore is a registered Trademark of Sabinsa Australia.

Directions for use in drinks:
Using the enclosed scoop, mix one level scoop (4.0 g) with 250 mL of water.

Beginner’s Gut: If supplementing this product for the first time, start with half scoop for the first 14 days and increase to full scoop once adjusted.
Standard Gut: Take 1 level scoop once daily, and up to 1 extra serve per day as necessary. Drink plenty of water.