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Intense, brilliant, glamorous colors for a trendy look without giving up the naturalness of Herbatint Haircolor. When combined with other Herbatint Haircolor Gel shades, the FF (Flash Fashion) shades are ideal to allow for dinstinct, customized colors. Thanks to a consistent and odorless formula, Herbatint Haircolor Gel is easy to mix and apply, proving perfect results in just 40 minutes, every time! Herbatint’s gentle formula allows you to lighten your natural hair color up to a maximum of 2 shades.

  • Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin
  • Gentle formula without ammonia, parabens and alcohol fragrance free
  • 8 Organic herbal extracts
  • A gel formula, easy to apply
  • 36 Mixable shades – can be mixed to create customized colors
  • Color gel and developer (unmixed) can be saved and reused allowing for additonal applications.


  • 1 bottle of hair color gel
  • 1 bottle of developer
  • 1 sample of Royal Cream Conditioner

How & to apply:

  1. To mix Herbatint Gel and Developer, use the Herbatint measuring cup found in the Herbatint Application Kit to mix equal parts of color and developer. The quantity you use depends on the length and volume of your hair. Note: If you don’t own an Application Kit, you can use a plastic or glass measuring cup, but NEVER use a metal measuring device.
  2. Mix with a brush until you obtain a gel-like consistency. Starting at the root, apply the gel to dry, unwashed hair. Tilt your head back while you rinse so that the gel does not get into your eyes.
  3. Once processed, rinse hair thoroughly until the water runs clear. Rinse by tilting head back (Do NOT use shampoo for 48 hours).
  4. Finally, apply the Royal Cream Conditioner and leave on the hair for five minutes. Rinse again and style as usual.

Safety information

Sensitivity Test

Since the product may cause skin irritation on certain individuals, a preliminary sensitivity test should be performed.

Color Strand Test

We recommend that you test the color on a part of your hair that contains the colors you want to cover. By doing a color strand test, it ensures you get that you get the first look of your desired color. 

Important to note

Since Herbatint uses the most gentle formula possible, our product will only lift about one shade.  Herbatint is not capable of lifting multiple shades, so it is important to choose a color within one shade of your normal color, when going lighter.

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