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CRYSTAL MINES Purest Himalayan Premium Pink Fine Salt Cooking/Table Grade 1 kg

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Pink Himalayan salt is a type of salt that's naturally pink in color and mined near the Himalayas in Pakistan. Many people claim that it's loaded with minerals and provides incredible health benefits. For these reasons, pink Himalayan salt is often thought to be much healthier than regular table salt.


    • Harvested from Salt rocks in the Himalayan Mountains.

    • Naturally pink with a matchless aroma.

    • A unique natural salt, produced from crushed Himalayan salt rocks.

    • Adds a special twist to every dish and enhances and deepens flavors.

  • Himalayan salt often contains trace amounts of iron oxide (rust), which gives it a pink color.

Product Details

    • Our 100% pure Himalayan Pink Salt is the perfect addition to any meal! Crystalmines Pink Himalayan salt is great for seasoning meats, grilled vegetables, a variety of salads (such as pasta, egg or potato salads), soups & stews and blends well into recipes when baking.

    • Himalayan salt has become well known for its amazing health benefits. It re-mineralizes the body with minerals and trace elements essential to our health and well being. Our Himalayan pink salt is rich in trace minerals - including Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Copper and Iron.

    • This Crystalmines Himalayan pink salt is in our slightly larger than standard table salt Fine Grain.

    • You will be completely satisfied with our products, which is why we stand behind every single item that we sell. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase reach out to us directly and we will make it right