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CRYSTAL MINES Himalayan Black Salt Grinder 200gm

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Himalayan black salt (also known as kala namak) is a manufactured product, not a naturally mined salt. To create black salt, pink Himalayan salt (a natural salt, mined in Northern Pakistan) is smelted in a super-heated furnace until it becomes a concentrated molten paste. To provide a balanced flavor, local powdered herbs (harad seeds, gooseberries, and bahera) are added while the salt is still very hot. After the paste is cooled it is crushed, cleaned, and sized before going through final quality inspections.


  • Spice Up Your Dining Table with Crystalmines products.

  • Great flavor In a handy glass grinder.

  • Can be ground on to any food, just like using salt

  • Crystal grinder with adjustable cut.

  •  It has a very characteristic flavor reminiscent of eggs.

  • Black salt help reduce excess acid in the stomach and its minerals present help lessen the damage caused by acid reflex. It acts as a great laxative that helps relieve you from bowel problems.

  • Black salt contains sufficient amount of potassium that is crucial in regulating muscle functioning and also helps absorb other minerals well. It may effectively reduce muscle cramps and spasms by relaxing them enough.

  • Water retention is caused by accumulation of fluids in tissues or cavities of the body; one of the causes of water retention is consumption of excessive sodium. Black salt as compared to common salt has lesser sodium content that makes it an amazing cure for water retention.

  • Black salt is a natural blood thinner that ensures proper blood circulation in the body, further reducing blood clots and cholesterol problems.

  • Black salt's anti-inflammatory properties and coarse texture helps heal cracked heel, swollen foot and even sprain. In addition, it also acts as a cleanser that helps open clogged pores and provides a gleaming skin.