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Hivita Wellness Multivitamin Minerals & Herbs Oral Liquid 500ml

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Hivita Multivitamin, Minerals and Herbs Liquid (formerly LIQUIVITA) is an optimised combination of multivitamins and minerals with added herbs and amino acids in a great tasting liquid format. It is easy to swallow and a comprehensive formulation with natural flavours to help  prevent dietary deficiency for adults ; support vitality , physical stamina & improve immune defence.


    HIVITA Wellness Multivitamin, Minerals & Herbs contain  premium ingredients that are beneficial for:

    • Energy: Enhance energy levels and support physical endurance
    • Immune health: Enhance immunity
    • Stress relief: Support healthy stress response in the body
    • Nourishment: Support nutrient levels in the body & promote general health and wellbeing


    General Wellness

    Adults, Take 10mL (2 metric teaspoons) to 20mL (4 metric teaspoons) daily after a main meal.

    Demanding Days

    Adults, Take 10ml (2 metric teaspoons) 3 times daily after a main meal or as directed by a healthcare professional. Maximum daily dose: 30ml

    Shake well before use.


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