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SUPER SATURDAY SALE - Up to 20% OFF RRP t&c | Worldwide Delivery | Contact Us: 0491 704 488


CRYSTAL MINES Himalayan Salt and Lavender Essential Oil Bath Soak 600 g

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This Himalayan salt and lavender oil bath soak recipe is the perfect gift for all of the mamas out there that could use a little me time.Lavender Essential oil is perfect for hydrating the skin, improving blood circulation, relieving stress and reducing aching muscles for after a few days of intensive yoga. The scent is instantly calming and you will loved the beautiful purple shades of the flower.

Product Details

  • Himalayan Salts are known for their detoxifying properties

  • Himalayan Salts can be used as a natural healing treatment.

  • Contains Absolute Aromas Lavender Essential oil.

  • Lavender Essential Oil is known for its relaxing and calming effects.

  • Soothe sore muscles and cramps

  • Himalayan Salt in extremely mineral rich, hence soaking in a warm bath with these salts will help your body to absorb these vital minerals through the skin.

  • Himalayan Salt Bath is extremely effective at drawing out harmful toxins from the body through a process known as reverse osmosis.

  • lavender essential oil & Lime Himalayan bath salts will help to prepare you for bedtime simply because of lavender’s sleep promoting power!

  • High mineral content of Himalayan salt actually helps to create a protective barrier for the skin.

  • Himalayan salt baths extremely effective in soothing painful insect bites and blisters.

Important Health Note

Whilst we recognize the benefits of having a bath in salt water, they can be demanding on your circulatory system. It is there recommended that those who suffer from weak or poor heart circulation should consult their doctor beforehand. We would always ask that you also seek medical advice before soaking in a salt bath if you’re diabetic, suffer from blood pressure, heart disease, liver or kidney disease, adrenal exhaustion, nervous system deficiencies or any serious illness. Likewise, if you’re pregnant, also seek advice first.