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CRYSTAL MINES Himalayan Fennel Chilli

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A blend of air dried lemon peel, dried chilli & fennel seeds with Himalayan salt. This blend is a floral salt that delvers a good level of heat, a kick of citrus and the spice of astringent aniseed.

There are many interesting varieties of flavored salts. In this recipe sea salt is infused with dried lemon zest, fennel seeds and a hint of chili flakes to make a gorgeous seasoning for any types of seafood; Sprinkle the salt on fish or prawns before grilling will give the dish an amazing flavor.

This combination of flavors also works well with roasted meats and steaks, potatoes and in salads.

You can also use it to flavor breads (focaccias) and other savory delights.


  • Lemon Fennel Chili
  • Spice Up Your Dining Table with Crystal Mines products.
  • Great flavor In a handy glass grinder.
  • Can be ground on to any food, just like using salt
  • Easy to grind fresh chili at the table.
  • Lemon Fennel Chili maintain flavor longer than ground options