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Flavor: Cherry Coconut


These tasty snacks pack a powerful punch, with a 10g of protein and only as little as 2g of carbs per serving. That way, you can still enjoy a tasty treat without that sinking feeling of guilt afterwards.

When combining a high protein die with a workout routine, you will enjoy the development of lean muscle mass and stimulated protein synthesis. Snacks such as ON Protein Stx can go a long way towards increasing your protein intake and can even help to reduce post-workout muscle soreness following intense exercise.

When to take it

These tasty treats can be enjoyed at any time of the day whenever you need a boost to your energy levels or you feel yourself reaching for an unhealthy snack. Why not have a delicious, healthy alternative instead?

You can also enjoy these as part of a post-workout supplement routine to give your muscles a quick boost of the nutrients it needs following a heavy workout session.


These delicious snacks are absolutely packed with flavour. Choose from three mouth-watering flavours, each of them as delightful as the next.

Bottom Line

These innovative and powerful protein snacks deliver a nutritious boost of energy and macronutrients to your body when you need it most. Swap out those unhealthy chocolate bars for something protein-packed and nutritious.


Key Ingredients/Serving (Dark Chocolate and Cherry Coconut)

Serving Size - 35g

Protein - 10g

Fat - 5g

Carbs - 2g

Kilojoules - 532kJ