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SUPER SATURDAY SALE - Up to 20% OFF RRP t&c | Worldwide Delivery | Contact Us: 0491 704 488


LIVELY LIVING Aroma Chill White

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The Aroma Chill is an extension of the popular Aroma Snooze, which is the world's most advanced sleep aid vaporiser. Lively Living have constantly stayed in front of the competition with quality and innovation in Australia and the Aroma Chill / Aroma Snooze pairing takes this category to the next level. Lively Living have worked with world leaders and evidence based research on the science of sleep to include features not seen before in an aroma diffuser in Australia.  

The Aroma Chill has all the same diffusing capabilities of the Aroma Snooze, which features a red LED light setting, scientifically proven to support sleep, as it naturally supports the body to produce melatonin, your natural sleep hormone. 

While the original Aroma Snooze has pre-recorded tracks, Aroma Chill takes you to the next level with full Bluetooth connectivity. It has a quality in-built speaker and you can connect your phone, tablet or music player and play any music track you own through the diffuser. You could even record yourself singing a lullaby for your child to play back.

The Aroma Chill is a long running and large dispersing area diffuser. With a 300ml tank size and both a high mist and low mist mode, this ultrasonic vaporiser runs for up to 18 hours in intermittent mist mode and 10 hour sin continuous mode.

The Aroma Chill uses ultrasonic technology and cold diffuses your essential oils so they don't lose any of their therapeutic properties, which is especially important when you're buying quality essential oils.

RUN TIME - 10 hours continuous, 18 hours intermittent

POWER SOURCE - Voltage 24V, power 12W, operates 2.4 million Htz/sec


DIMENSIONS - 15cm x 15cm x 15cm