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BERGAMALE Natural Performance Plus 60 Tablets

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Looking for a Naturally sourced Supplement that Actually Works?

BergaMALE may assist in:
- Maintaining Healthy Testosterone Levels
- Increasing Muscle Strength
- Supports improvement in cardiovascular health
- Improving Performance
- Acting as an Effective Anti-Inflammatory

Formulated with Powerful, naturally sourced ingredients and the Strongest Citrus Bergamot Extract BPF99. BPF99 is the most powerful Bergamot extract produced to date.

All BergaMet products are made from citrus bergamot grown in the Calabrian region of southern Italy. This area yields the most potent citrus bergamot fruit in the world.

BergaMet is the ONLY bergamot polyphenol OFFICIALLY APPROVED by the prestigious Accademia del Bergamotto.

Clinical Trials have shown BergaMALE may:
- Regulate Hormonal Balances without Effecting its Function
- Help Maintain Healthy Testosterone Levels
- Increase Energy and Stamina_
- Helps to Metabolise Fat
- Helps to Improve Lipid LDL/HDL ratio
- Helps to Improve Health of Arteries

Reward Your Heart and Cardiovascular System
BergaMALE is both a powerful natural male AND cardio supplement. In addition to natural herbs that enhance libido and energy, BergaMALE also includes the same ingredients in BergaMet products.

The ingredients in BergaMALE have been proven to deliver impressive cardiometabolic health, help maintain healthy testosterone levels and increase blood flow. BergaMALEÕs all natural ingredients may assist in increasing energy levels, promote muscle strength and growth, and decreases body fat. BergaMALE contains 5 unique antioxidant flavonoids that may help support healthy cholesterol, blood glucose levels and liver function.


2 tablets per day before main meals.


Citrus Bergamot Extract ( BPF99 ) 300mg
Zinc 5mg
Bulgarian Tribulus (45%) 200mg
Epimedium (Icarin 20%) 250mg

Bioperine 10mg