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BEFORE YOU SPEAK Keto Coffee Creamer Nat 60S

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Supercharge your morning cuppa with Keto Creamer by Before You Speak. This creamer is power-packed full of healthy fats and fibre to support your gut and brain function. You can add this delicious creamer to not only your coffee but also smoothie or recipes for the ultimate health kick.

If you are looking for an alternative to dairy creamers, this Keto Creamer is the match for you. 100% dairy-free and all-natural, you sure will love this creamer, which bursts with flavour without the unnecessary calories


  • Supercharge your brain
  • Support gut health
  • Have a creamer packed with healthy fats and fibre
  • Enjoy a guilty free creamer without sugars and other nasties
  • Love this vegan and gluten-free keto creamer



  • MCT Powder on Acacia Fibre (goMCT™) (68.0%)
  • Olive Oil on Acacia Fibre (goFAT®) (10.0%)
  • Coconut Oil on Acacia Fibre (goFAT®) (10.0%)