These are some brilliant ways to reduce waste, select eco alternatives and move towards zero waste living. I have started our mission to refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle and while we believe that refusing to buy new Eco Friendly Product items is a good step and we have started with this, there are some tools we need to help set up our zero waste (or low waste) lifestyle. First of all we wanted to find products to help us stop using single-use items, particularly single-use plastic products, and start using eco-alternatives that allow us to reuse them or products that easily compost or at least recycle. What we found, were some amazing Eco Friendly Product, and some amazing Australian home-grown businesses.

Go Vita Burwood is Australia’s largest cruelty free & vegan shop with exclusive eco friendly products.

Made from organic bamboo fibre, this meal set has a fresh and natural appearance, is eco-friendly and BPA-free; a sustainable footprint for your kid’s future.

Lets your food breathe and protects it. Helps keep food fresh for a longer time. Plastic Free. Home Compostable. Food Safe. Easy to use. Types: Fragrance, Fragrance-Free.
Say Goodbye to Plastic: A Survival Guide For Plastic-Free Living. ECOlunchbox. 

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